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Slick! is the nastiest band in the Bay Area, ejaculating onto the scene with the simultaneous explosion of the King Rocker record label in late 2015. Their debut self-titled record fucked up “Years Best Of” lists for DJs and music snobs worldwide, and they have no sign of going to bed, unless it’s with your old lady.

Frontman, Nicky Slick’s, confidence and charisma oozes through your stereo speakers, forcing a snarl of sickened satisfaction. “You don’t like me cuz I rock n roll more than you.” It’s a hard lyric and the hard truth, bub.

Hardly new kids on anybody’s block, Slick! picks up where the famed group Glitz was left “Dead in the Road.” And where many in the scene of underground rock n roll take a low-fi keep-it-safe and play-it-strange approach, Slick! goes full-throttle around dead-mans curve. This is an album that’s harder and filled with more excitement than Gary Glitter at a sweet 16. It’s both sexual and playful, like a bounce castle filled with leather gloves.

This band blasts melodies that shake spurs on the dance floor (not unlike that of The Sweet, Slade, or Alice Cooper) and shock the San Andreas fault line. These are sleazy lyrics that are so obvious and “tuff” they’re almost humorous. “Mother Fucker” and “Your Band Sucks” might seem funny, but Slick! is nothing to laugh about.

Slick! is set to make their international debut this summer as part of the King Rocker Records European tour alongside rock assassins Apache, news of which has already left Euro bands to cower in in their high-end loafers with dreaded anticipation. Keep your ears open and your eyes on the road and whatever you do, don’t trip because this is Slick!

Current lineup:
Nicky Slick – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Joey Genovese – Rhythm Guitar
Carlos Palacios – Bass
Matt Costa – Drums

Slick! LP (King Rocker Records, 2015)


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