Joey Genovese came to Oakland from New York to finally put an end to the East Coast/West Coast rap feud. After bringing peace and ending violence in hip-hop he started BTs to bring rock and roll fans together. After recording a 7” with Matthew Melton for his Fuzz City label, Joey and BTs shuffled through line-ups for over a year before finally heading back into the studio. Teaming with Jason Testasecca (NOBUNNY, ELVIS CHRIST) and enlisting members of APACHE and SLICK, BTs are back- bigger and better than ever.

From the opening lines of “Bustin’ Out” BTs set the tone for a Friday night that won’t end until Monday morning. After that it’s 32 minutes of high energy sing alongs and big hooks that you can’t even try to ignore. By the break in “I Like It a Lot” BTs are your new favorite band and you are over overwhelmed by the idea of partying with these guys. Every song sounds like rock’n’roll love letter to bad girls in cherry lip gloss, Cheap Trick posters, late night make out sessions, heading to the city in an over crowded car, and wearing your heart sleeve.

At their core BTs write pop songs for dirt bags, sweet greasy anthems for punk rock romantics, and idiot Valentine’s for backseat gropers and barroom jokers. Powerpop, pop punk, “garage”- whatever you want to call it, it’s catchy and it’s fun and Joey and Co. are just here to have a good time.

Current lineup:
Joey Genovese – vocals
Carlos Palacios – bass
Nick Allen – lead guitar
Sean Starling – rhythm guitar
Matt Costa – drums

Bustin’ Out LP (King Rocker Records, 2016)

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